Alternative Education

Here I will collect articles and other resources I have come across that have influenced and inspired my views and philosophies on education.

Why You Should Take Your Kids Out of School

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk: How Schools Kill Creativity

Hackschooling Makes Me Happy- A TEDx talk by Logan LaPlante

Are You Ready to Join the Slow Education Movement?

The Economics of Happiness This video is not longer available for free viewing, but it is well worth the $5 to watch.

Here is an excerpt from The Economics of Happiness that you can watch for free that poignantly describes how Western-style education is eroding sustainable cultures and practices.

Occupy Your Mind is an excellent article with reference to another excellent documentary that made me rethink my career as a teacher in international schools.

How to Bore the Children

A Thousand Rivers: What Modern Education has Forgotten About Children and Learning

Why Preschool Shouldn’t be Like School (nor should any other school for that matter)

Sudbury Valley School This school is based on Summerhill in the UK. I first heard about it when doing my Masters and poo-pooed the idea, thinking it was too “airy fairy” and could never work. Now I think it’s what every school should be.

Seven Sins of our System of Forced Education

For those I’ve managed to convert, here is a great resource for homeschooling: Global Village School

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